Wednesday, December 26, 2012


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- [25-12-12] - As much as I am a Lover of verbal expression -- whether written or orated, there's a menacing sense of allure that parallels being at a sincere loss for words. I genuinely enjoy those moments that are so full of grandeur and eminence, it seizes the desire to seek befitting words to mirror its quality. When moments transcend words, that is where Life is most abundant. You're just there -- left to bask in it all, delighting in the unspoken presence of inimitable joy in the isolation it's afforded you. That is precisely what comes to mind when I think of the nature of the holiday season. The mounting anticipation prior-to, the sight of homes strewn with a myriad of Christmas colours, the smell of home, your old room, the decor, the sound of your mum's voice, her incomparable home-cooking; it all culminates felicity.
I hope you lot shared in the same sentiments this season and are getting things in order in preparation for the new year as I am. Or, rather, I have. See, the new year, for me, begins the day following my birthday. It's been this way since my 17th birthday -- one of the biggest turning points of my life for my reasons my lips dare not speak. The thing is: I've been in 2013 as of November 9th. From where I stand, it's mid-year already. Catch up. Peace.


J. said...

effortlessly beautiful.

Inga said...

great layering, love it!

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