Monday, November 11, 2013


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Ring c/o Modern Design Inc.

- [10-10-13] - I have really been toying around with the thought of doing something different with my hair for the longest. As a lot of you know, that is primarily what generated the interest with me and my blog. I grow bored quire easily, so it's important for me to keep things as new as possible in just about every facet of my Being. The problem is: I found myself doing more thinking than doing. That is, till it reached a point where I was like, "screw it!". Plus, the energy-shift in the seasons, y'know. For my natural hair, 'tis the season to protective-style. I plan to run quite rampant with the styles, so I decided to start with the oh-so reminiscent French braids. This was the go-to hairstyle when I was much younger - back in primary school [in Nigeria]; my sister would quickly put my hair up on the nights she was too tired to do something more intricate. Nostalgic, to say the least.

Sidebar: check out my latest feature on #GURL.COM along with some pretty awesome gals - GURL. Peace.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


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- A small collection of photographs taken via my iPhone 5 over the past months. It's no secret that I'm a fan of colour, so you see, that's partly why I'm sharing these on here that would otherwise be seen on my Instagram. Ha! Plus, it's one of my favourite seasons - Autumn! I have no desire to go down the list and detail every story behind each photograph, but I will say this: the second photograph is one of the teacup sets from the my mum's collection. She has a thing for collecting teacup sets - perhaps an extension of her inherent Love for tea. I'm serious; it's inherent. Her mother, my grandmother, was an avid tea-drinker, so is my mum, and of course, myself. I take tea time rather seriously. And, also; the photo directly after the jump, when I was a youngin' back in Nigeria, and I'd attend a birthday party or an event of sorts and spotted a crate of Fanta, couldn't tell me I wasn't set to have a good time. Growing up, my parents sort of limited myself and my siblings' exposure to sweets, so any opportunity to indulge was seized without much consideration. Ha! What about you guys? What element about your childhood automatically meant "good time"? I have loads. This is just one of 'em. Peace.

Monday, November 4, 2013


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Photos by Bryan Sona

- [21-5-13] - It has undoubtedly reached that portion of the season where it begins to energy-shift between season-to-season has deepened. It brings on an air of that fills you with the incline to reminisce. Bittersweet moment, really. One of the highlights of my Summer was riding out to DC to partake in my friend, An Dukes' lookbook shoot for her online shop titled after her blog, Wine Collection. The shop is comprised of garments she has collected over the years/she does not wear anymore. It just happened to fall in with Memorial weekend and what better place to be than in the nation's capital during such a monumental holiday. I had the pleasure of taking in the sights though not as much as I would've liked(next time). DC has wonderful architecture and Georgetown was absolutely breathtaking. My only regret is that I didn't get around to trying Nando's. I have heard nothing but great reviews regarding their food. I hear there's only 8 (?) locations worldwide. Talk about exclusivity.

Anyhow, this was my first look. The gals and I had our pick-of-litter, so to speak; An basically wanted our personal styles to be projected, so as not to look unnatural or forced. I ended up buying these two pieces before leaving. Ha! I could not resist. There's also a video correspondent to this, to which I wrote a poem titled, "Beauty Is A Wine" - click here to view. Peace.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


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Photos by Jia // edit + C.D. by yours, truly.

- [20-10-13] - Quick impromptu shoot with Jia this past weekend at the “stu” (ha!) after shooting the shirt-skirt tutorial and product shots for my online shop. If you follow me on either Tumblr or Instagram, then you should be knowledgeable on this bit. Just in case you don't, here's my reiteration. The video ought to be finished by this week. Also, for those of you who feel "out of a joke", so to speak, "stu" is the abbreviation for the word, studio; closely-associated with a recording studio. It's used very frequently from rappers, both that of the mainstream and underground sort. In this particular context, we were particularly mocking those who either use being at the studio as a [sorry] excuse, or simply claim to be, while they really aren't.

Moving onward. Yes, you read right. I’m doing the online shop for real-for real this time! I may have mentioned it once or twice over the years, but the elements weren't quite right. I feel as though there isn't a more proper time than now with all that I have in-line for the growth of Self and my brand. The shop will mostly feature pieces that are specific to my taste of preference, of course. Down the line, however, that is subject to change. I will divulge more as plans take form and unfold. Peace.