Friday, July 30, 2010


Honestly, this summer has been one of the best summers for me. I pretty much did everything I set out to do and then some. I just know from this point on, things can only get better.
I draw a lot of inspiration from myself, when all else fails.
This post is sincerely to whom it may concern. If you've ever found yourself face to face with hopelessness, I'll tell you right now, I've been there before. We've ALL been there before. When we've searched so hard to find something that we're genuinely passionate about and we've embraced it only to find that there's someone out there better at it. Knowing that NO matter how HUNGRY you may be, there's someone out there STARVING. That's NO excuse to give up on something you love. Whatever it is, cooking, photography, fashion, etc...whatever you're passionate about, is a reflection on you and who you are. So look at it as YOURSELF, you wouldn't want to wouldn't want for someone to give up on you. In other words, DO NOT give up on what you love. If anything, strive HARDER and HARDER and trust that HARD WORK always...ALWAYS pays off!

For a minute, I almost started giving up on this photography thing till I realized I am my own worst critic as well as my own BIGGEST motivator. No one can push me to do what I need to do but ME. I can't give up and I never will till I achieve my idea of success and perfection. It didn't take me a while to realize my passion, it was always just took me a short while to embrace it. And now that I have, it's the greatest feeling in the world. That was my "to whom it may concern" ...Here are some Teffyisms...some words of wisdom, from yours truly. Well, at first, I planned on throwing a list at you but I think my current status on my facebook sums it up well:
...Through pictures and stories, one can be IMMORTAL. So make an impression. In your words, or by your actions. Create a legend. Live a meaningful life. Live a story worth telling. ♥
These are words I was able to feed myself and felt the very need to share. I thank God for the people I've been able to meet, network and interact with so far this summer. It's truly been a blessing and an inspiration all in one. By NEXT summer though, I have faith I'll be exactly where I need to be.


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