Saturday, August 7, 2010


Volume 1, I brought you an article that forces one to reflect on words rather than just reciting them without stopping to pay attention to word play. Volume 2, poetry!
Now when I announced on twitter that I was searching for a writers to feature here on Tefftopia, @Ezrabake was one of the FIRST people to respond and was also prompt when it came to sending his work to my email. Apparently, he came face to face with some indecisiveness 'cause he emailed me TWO works (poems) rather just one that I asked for. That same indecisiveness must be contagious cause after reading both works, I just HAVE to post both. Enjoy:

No money Blues

"I awake to my alarm being drowned out by the sirens of the night past
As the rising sun leave the sins of the dark unmasked

Interrupting my dreams of riches and tranquility
To bring me back to my reality of poverty and iniquity

Outside hopscotch lines chalked over by police
As blood and tears drenches another mother’s fleece

And no one to console her, because its time for work
Needing the money to soothe their kids empty tummy hurts

Making enough money to survive but die inside
Not enough money to morn but still cry inside
As I sit observing the moods
creating my no money blues……

And the second one:
"Remembering love"

I sit lifeless as the lethal smog fills my lungs, killing me inside just to match my outward persona. My soul has left, leaving me dormant to this world. No desire to eat with the foul taste of sorrow infringed on my tongue. Can’t sleep, as thoughts of you flood my nightmares, re-living the day I loss you. Even breathing becomes hard as every breath I take only bring back the moments you took them away. Now all that’s left is a soulless corpse, glaring into the window awaiting……. Nothing.

Only kept alive with the memory of the Endless laughs and smiles we shared. The lost dreams of kids, marriage, and anniversaries with you. Spending the rest of my life loving you with Sultry kisses and intimate embraces under the many sunsets and sunrises. As you gaze into my eyes and enter my soul exploring the galaxy of my iris to find that the twinkle in my eye is still you. Every part of us was absolute ecstasy.
Our union was a step into the majestic playground of mother nature, blissfully indulged in satisfaction. Inhaling the sweet air, as the fresh fragrance of flowers filtrates the fields. Breathing you and becoming high. Carefree I dive into the Sea of Jasmines to only drown in the vibrant colors of love as I float in the soothing breeze of your existence.



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