Saturday, January 1, 2011


Summer of Love - Eric Sosa (video) from Eric Sosa on Vimeo.

Firstly, this video captures the essence of the summer perfectly...

Kudos to the director, Crosby, the editor and everybody else whose hardwork contributed in creating this amazing song and video. Secondly, I've stated this time and time again but I will reiterate for the those of you who are new to Tefftopia; when I am introduced or discover new music, I have to set aside time to listen and pay close attention to the music before concluding on anything. Fortunately for me, my new years day wasn't as festive as the rest of the world but don't mistake that as a complaint at all. Moving on to THE artist!!! lol. Eric Sosa....



,we just recently followed each other on Twitter, but prior to that I've seen him/his music a couple times on my timeline. After listening to the newest track titled, "celebrate", and now this "the summer of love", I am pleased to learn there's a variety of artists with substance on the come-up. Sosa's music is so fun, fresh, and I love the fact I can't think of any established artist, old or new, to compare him to. He has HIS own sound. I respect that a great deal. I'd love to do a full-blown interview on him; I need to know where he draws his influence from. Enjoy the song and video :D
Visit: and as usual, hit him Sosa up on twitter and show love&support; tell him that I sent ya.
P.S.: I love the role LA played in this video lmfao: comical!!!



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