Thursday, March 3, 2011


So over the weekend, my sister and I engaged in a conversation about TV shows that we would LOVEEEE to have on DVD and The Cosby Show just so happened to be mentioned. Little did I know, the next day, my sister ventured out to Wally world and copped season 1&2!!! I was hype as fuck. I love the Cosbys' but I think I've grown to love 'em more after watching the episodes over and over again. I'm not ashamed to admit, I have definitely picked up some style tips from none other than the free-spirited, sharp tongued, witty and artsy Denise Huxtable. She's amazing. I always enjoyed watching the display of each and everyone of the Huxtable kids on the show but ya gotta admit, Denise stands the fuck out.
After my first time watching all the episodes from season 1 & 2, I just had to shine light on how much her character was an inspiration. Not just her outfits, but her hairstyles as well. My favorite being that short cut she sported in season 2 and the locks! Finding pictures from the episodes on the internet proved more difficult than I anticipated so I watched season 2 all over and took photographs of the outfits that stood out to me the most.
THIS being one of my most favorite, I have a jacket with a print similar to this except Denise' has a different print in the BACK! Ah, she paired with a long gray skirt and some Peter Pan-ish brown boots. I wish I could take a picture of the entire outfit but...blah. Would've looked tacky, kinda.

This piece is pretty self explanatory. Anyone who knows me personally, knows that I live for the extraordinary. You guys should get the DVDs!!! It's only $19.99 and it comes in a set. That way you guys get to indulge in all her looks. Now here are the photos I found on google...

I wonder if she's aware of how beautiful she is? And thank goodness for her and Lenny's spawn, Zoe Kravitz. She's simply excellent in the physical.

Oh, while looking for photos of Lisa Bonet, I learned about a movie titled, "Angel Heart" starring her, Robert DeNiro and Mickey Rourke. Since then, I've been YouTube-ing the heck out of it trying and I am intrigued by the clips I found. Due to copyright blah blah blahs, I can't share the embedded code soooo, here's the trailer:
I need to watch the entire movie!


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