Sunday, May 22, 2011


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I've been back home since Wednesday and I've literally been on the move ever since. Yesterday, Friday, was the only day I've had a chance to do what I actually wanted to do as opposed to doing what I need to do. lol I know that sounds backwards, but a balance between wants and needs should be established. Yeah, so I was out in the SoHo area with one of my sisters shopping for an outfit for my siblings' graduation ceremony and after-party. Don't get carried away with me awarding the celebration afterwards an "afer-party"; it is, but a mere birthday dinner. lol it's still a party though. I scored some great finds at the thrift and finally bought my first pair of heels. Ha! Every pair of heels I've ever owned this far in my life, has been bought for me by others. It felt kind of....empowering. lol. I'm an advocate for the idea that there are other ways to exhibit your womanhood than to wear makeup heavily and strut around in 6+inch heels. I'll take some photos of my thrift finds and my shoe-zeeeees.
Oh. I'd just like to state it took my sister roughly 30 tries to get at least 5 decent photos of me--pitiful. You can imagine how awkward it was for us, more specifically me, standing there patiently waiting to be photographed. Ugh.

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I look like my mom in these photos. It is uncanny. Oh, this is my sister Sally, by the way...(:

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I would just like to add: when I wear a snapback, girls of the homosexual variety go wild. It's like inevitable. lol. Ok, bye.


black panther said...

I LOVE!!!! YOU ARE DOPE! i was snooping around trying to find someone with a snapback, and i think i won the jackpot! lol

love the uniqueness of the outfit.

teffTHEdon said...

Thank you so much, babe!!! Love you, too! Thanks again (:

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