Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, to this blog, it's Vol.1, but to my tumblr , it's vol.3. These are notes/analyses that I write to myself, usually on a random piece of a paper, my phone or my iTouch. I decided, what good are my words and knowledge if I do not share them? Ya know? Anyways, on to the knowledge.
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I’ve been seeing this quote everywhere lately, “lies always change, but the truth always stays the same” No, I strongly beg to differ. Let me explain. Your perception is your opinion and your opinion is your truth; that you have an opinion towards something or someone, it is because YOU believe it to be true. Correct? Now, say for example, you believe that if you were to love someone unconditionally, and genuinely and express it in a way you’re certain they will appreciate, they will never leave you. But then, they eventually leave you. Does your truth not change? Another example: you hold the opinion that Lady Gaga performs terribly live, which you gathered after seeing her perform live several times, but then the next couple of live shows, her performances blow you away. Does your truth not change? Another example; if I am wearing a red shirt, it is your truth and mine that the shirt is in fact red, but then I dye it green. Does that truth not change? I say that to say this: do not get carried away with the placement of words and assume; dissect a statement ‘til you fully comprehend its meaning. The same when you find yourself in any situation; allow yourself to seek a greater truth, a greater meaning.


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