Sunday, September 18, 2011


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Dwelling deep in the era consumed with dreamers and dream-chasers, the spirit of competition is undoubtedly at an all time high. Egos at war, the power of vanity places spells upon the souls of those who are most open to it and all-in-all, a generation collectively on a quest for relevance. I respect the spirit of a hustler that dwells in the element of subtlety. For example: The Weeknd's movement is subtle, yet progressive. Right along with Jesse Boykins III's romantic movement. What I admire most in others is their ability to impact without speaking, create without falsely clinging to the idea of grandiosity and elevating without seeking the destruction of the progression of others. Oftentimes I am compelled to watch incessant declarations of "I'm a boss. Making moves outchea" or some variation of that statement slither down my timeline and news feed. If you are indeed making moves, you need not speak on 'em, but rather act and let your audience see. "The strong move in silence". I'm a stay-in-my-own-lane kind of individual. I seldom seek the company of others. I don't look to others to measure my level of success. You shouldn't think to measure your level of success in comparison to others. My chief concern is superseding the achievements of the person I was yesterday.
Subtlety in business: Another eye-sore I tend to witness often is the art of name-dropping. I observe people's comfort with residing in the shadows of someone whom they perceive to be at a higher level than they are. How do you expect to be great while living in the shadow of someone else's greatness? You are failing miserably if you delight in doing so. Complacency breeds failure. Stay in the shadows long enough and you'll grow to blend in. Step out and stand strong.

Subtlety in fashion: Poor souls are far more closely attracted to luxury. I have had the displeasure of seeing people "twitpic" photos of receipts from high-end stores. To me, that's a sheer sign of weakness and a characteristic expected from the nouveau riche. Madness is the art of permitting our possessions to possess us. This is commonly known as vanity. Vanity is the most-sinfully-welcomed distraction. And, anything that can be distracting, can be destructive. Clothes wear you, you don't wear them. Let style speak for itself.
Subtlety in creativity: What I'll say here goes hand-in-hand with what I just stated prior to this. Remember when we were young and carefree? Now everybody is on this quest to be unique and different. Which in a sense makes us the same. We share a uniformity in desires; we are in a sense, undeniably, the same. Everybody is seemingly chasing this rebellious image. Remember when tattoos and excessive piercings were perceived as taboo in society? Remember how most belittled and undermined acts of self-expression exhibited by "scene" and Goth kids? The term rebel has seemingly evolved from a term of being into a falsified state of mind. I can look at an individual and be able to determine whether their presentation of themselves is, indeed, genuine. Being from NY, I have seen some outlandish shit; delighted in most, questioned the nature of the rest. I'll say this: if it comes natural, express it. If not, perhaps you should lend time to reconsidering what does. Like Queen Badu stated, "creativity is the absence of fear"; when one indulges in their creative prowess, the element of fear diminishes with each expression of it. But, I'm certain we have been in the presence of some characters so outlandish, we had to pause and say to ourselves, "nah, this can't be real-life." Moderation, please.
Subtlety in relationships: Relationships tend to have greater chances of longevity when the parties involved allow the details to remain within the realm of the relationship. Take Will and Jada for example; how much can you boldly state you know of their relationship? Other than a strong bond of love is present? If you leave room for the opinions of others to infiltrate the boundaries of your relationships, it will deteriorate faster than anticipated. Given that your desire was/is for something long-term.
Subtletly in summary: Overall, I am a child of solitude. Incredibly laid-back, therefore, I enjoy subtlety. I just...chill. Hence, my need for this post. It's wise to exhibit behavior(s) you wish to see in others; any other way would be unjust and dishonest. I understand that everybody cannot or may not adopt my methods of thinking, loving, living, etc., and I do not necessarily wish them to, but it would be a delight to see an attempt. Whether it be in intellect, conduct, methods of loving and living, etc. This is my generation and I am simply expressing my pain. I see a lot of faults, as well as a lot of beauty in us. There is always room for self-improvement. We must anchor ourselves to something of substance and delight in it. We must do so in a manner that inspires those around us to do the same. Be subtle in your approach. Mediocrity only afflicts us 'cause we speak it into existence. Power is dictated in action, not by declaration. Speaking for myself, I've grown aware of the fact that I serve as inspiration to some young minds, which is a great pleasure. For me, it's important that not only does my exterior receive acknowledgment and adoration, but my interior as well. There's seemingly a dearth of young women of substance in the public-eye, serving as role models, so I proudly share this platform with whomever else falls into a similar category as me. If you are taking steps to achieving a better you: wonderful. Praises to you. Just remember: the more you talk, the less most listen. Besides, those who talk the most, have more to prove. Subtlety builds humility. Subtlety is the most sophisticated form of expression. Subtlety is key.


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read every single word! You fed my mind mate!

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I love you for reading. Thank you.

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