Friday, June 3, 2011


Well, by now, if you actually read the content of my blog as opposed to just playfully-skimming through the images, then you should be aware that I enjoy writing--writing beautifully, precisely. I don't necessarily want to award myself the title "writer" until I feel it's deserving or until someone else does. lol whichever comes first. I mean, I've been called a writer by some but, my writing needs more growth in my opinion. Yeah, so that brings me to my point: I've been entertaining the thought of writing a song. Yes, a full-blown-lyrical-masterpiece. Well, wouldn't say masterpiece lol. Upon embarking on this literary path which I have not dared to walk since middle-school-years, I became filled with anxiety. Surprisingly overcame my anxiety, well, most of it, and birthed two magnificent lines lol:

When the light goes dim, my thoughts grow louder.
When the music is loud, the pain grows milder.

Yup, that's about as far as I got. Not certain if it's a rap, R&B or country, etc. song just yet. I just know I am overwhelmed with the desire to compose a lyrical-masterpiece. I'm overly confident in the potency of my writing abilities. On that same day, or the day before or after, I'm not certain, I took these photographs. There's a lot more but, I'd rather not post in allllll in one measly post. Like I did a couple of posts down

Last picture shows why I don't smile often in photographs. Do you see those chub-cheeks?


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