Wednesday, June 15, 2011


The Weeknd's incredible vocals aided in me birthing the term "melodic-cocaine". The potency of his music can be described as so. Yeah, so, I photographed these yesterday. Pause. Wait. The blog-gods are probably scowering at me right now. Y'know? Seeing as I have mad photographs I need to be posting before posting these. But, wait, there's a story behind this. lol. I had a terrible-ass-morning yesterday due to the fact that though I woke up early and got dressed quickly, when it boiled down to the last 10 minutes I could afford to spend at the house, I could not find shit for the sake of my life. Couldn't find my eyeliner. Then, I came into the realization that 10 bucks magically slipped out of my pockets the day before while I was out. THEN, I finally get to class--early, thank God, only to realize that I failed to wear sunscreen on my face. I tried to smile and yeah, that was an immense-failure. Usually on days like these, I feel the need to create. I don't award much thought to it, it just happens. Before I know it, I'm wielding my tripod all over the house, manipulating lights, playing in makeup and constructing outfits. I was much too tired to do more than one look, so I did this.

I look like a Mermaid.


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