Wednesday, June 8, 2011


All the years I've lived in New York, I can actually count how many times I've been to Brooklyn and Queens. lol last week Wednesday and Thursday, I had the misfortune of spending time with Cherie's crazy-self. The day before, we just so happened to be on Union at the same time, so we met up and lurked for the rest of the day. Ended up on Union after sailing the streets of the SoHo and 14th street area to be entertained by a live Hip-hop band. I can't remember their name, which disappoints me 'cause they were amazingly-amazing. Yeah, that's like a double positive. Then, we had this older man stand there and rap AND sing to us like it was no tomorrow. Unfortunately, I was without my camera on Wednesday, so none of this was documented. Thursday, however, I couldn't let that day be a mere replica of the day before. I met up with Cherie on Union and hit up Chipotle, her treat. Little did she know, Chipotle as choice of venue for a first date indicates that you have strong desires to date me, and well, eventually, marry me. HA! Anyway doe. Then, we, Cherie, my sister Sally and my cousin Mary, went thrift shopping. I heard Brooklyn got all the good stuff, so I had to see for myself, y'know? We ended up spending the entire day in BK. Get this? We walked from Clinton Hills to wherever, which was basically roughly 20 blocks. "My dogs were barking" is not even the appropriate cliché saying that applies in this situation. Won't even dive into further detail. Anyway, I did my best to photograph my imp of a friend, she tried to play like she was camera-shy. I'm crazy 'cause I definitely have photographs from outings that came prior that I really should be posting.

Took my braids out for a short while, by the way. Felt good to have my short hair back for the little time that I did.

She kept hiding behind that hat. The annoyance was in immense proportions. Anyways, took some photographs of BK.

Click here to see more. I created a different tumblr strictly for my photography.

Got her! ^_^


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