Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Wellllll, wasn't necessarily in SoHo, now, but I wish I was. lol this is from likeeee, a week ago. A lovely little day-out with my sisters, shopping and parlaying and what not. Do you really care to know the details of that day? All I can really remember is, we ended up on 14th and my sisters wanted to venture off into Forever 21. In case you are unaware, I absolutely despise Forever 21. Moreso, the way most females perceive it to the realm in which fashion exists. Yeah, so, upon walking in, I was beyond ready to leave. One of my sisters wanted me to stay back and help her choose shorts to buy and what not. Nah, I couldn't. Oh, pictures can't be taken in the store, but I'm such a G

Shorty with the big hair is MINE! lol yeah, that's my older sister Sally. And the other with the short hair is my little cousin, but she's pretty much my sister. Can't even regard her as cousin anymore. I love 'em so much.

I always look sinfully-short in photographs. See. The thing is, people compliment my "long-legs" a lot, little do they know, I have long-ass-thighs and short-ass-legs. Pay attention. lol

"Wait--wait, I'm not ready."



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