Thursday, September 15, 2011


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"Your best company is yourself; if you can't be with yourself, you can't be with other people."

For those of you who are unaware, T.Y.B.R. is an acronym for Frendy Lemorin's docu-series titled, "The Yellow Brick Road". T.Y.B.R. is Frendy's platform which he uses to highlight great acts and talents. Jonathan Briu has to be my favorite so far. After watching this brief, yet beautifully-detailed trailer, I can't help but think that Jonathan and I share some common philosophies. As most of you should know, relatability enhances the appeal of an artist, despite their field. I am particularly fond of his philosophy which declares: "the living are a rare breed of the dead". That's--just--beyond brilliant. He is seemingly in possession of an amazing spirit. Press play and gather your own conclusions; I'm almost certain it'll mirror mine. Maybe afterwards, you, the readers, can anticipate the release of the episode in its entirety. Love and respect to both Frendy and Jonathan. Like-minds, much like magnets, tend to draw towards each other; in this case, with these two young-gifted-beautiful-souls, the product seems beyond promising.
Tune in to and FrendySays to stay updated on his amazingly commendable work.


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