Sunday, October 16, 2011


Directed by: David Black

What strikes me as most alluring aspect of the artist that is Kendrick Lamaris his ability to seem and be just that: an artist. It is no news to those of you who either know me personally, or are familiar with this blog that Kendrick is, in my eyes, incomparable to most artists currently in the upcoming scene. His music provides me with a delightful degree of insight and substance. I can not express that enough. Thankful to have had the privilege to meet his acquaintance. Thankful to be able to listen to his music on a daily basis. Thankful for his existence in the music-world, period. Words can't express how much of an inspiration he serves to me, and we're only, what? 2 years apart in age? Just goes to show: inspiration knows no realms, no boundaries, no limits. Respect.


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