Thursday, November 3, 2011


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Thirst for fame is the least esteemed greed of the human soul. The more most thirst for fame, the more Given the choice, I would favor eminence over fame.

While some might claim that eminence cannot be achieved without fame, I beg to differ. It is entirely possible for someone to attain a crown of eminence without being widely known. My maternal grandmother, for example. She is an amazing, phenomenal woman with a legacy that precedes her. Though she passed away roughly 3 years ago, she left behind her strong will and zeal behind for her children and grandchildren to inherit. That is, in itself, greatness.

In light of my generation's undeterred degree of ambition, I favor the efforts of those who are driven by the desire to create and excel, simply for the sake of it, than those who are driven to compare and compete. I will not deny you your right to be competitive, given that it is encrypted in the nature of every living being, however, it is the manner in which most exercise their right to compare and to be competitive that rifles up my undergarments. I believe that those who do not seek to obtain fame while in their pursuit for a greater level of existence are often rewarded beyond unfathomable measures. Fame, to me, is of a lesser caliber in comparison to eminence. It is far too easy to acquire fame, but to attain eminence requires timelessness in one's talent, character and/or conduct.

I often regret creating my blog and flooding it with a plethora of photographs of myself and identifying myself as the person in the photos. I wish I created my blog--with no face, yet I'd still post photos, but never state who it was in the photos. Yeah, that would've been a lot more fulfilling. That isn't to appear unappreciative of the current status of my blog. I am appreciative, very much so. However, I can't help thinking how better things would've panned out if I employed the element of mystery early on.


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