Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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I first learned of Chris Turner, a piece of the much-needed constitution bettern moderately-known as "The Reawakening of the Romantic Movement" from my good friend, Slick Jackson some time prior to last Summer. Slick insisted time and time again that I check his music out; he thought it would suit my taste and surely, he was right. First of all, anyone that identifies with Love so strongly that they go as far as to regard themself as "Love-child" is absolutely great in my book. You, the reader, ought to be well-acquainted with my advocacy for Love by now, but, well, that's besides the point. Chris has enticed me from an original which is a collaborative product of him and fellow Romantic, MeLo X titled, "liquid love" to musical-covers from the quintessential Sade to the incomparable, Stevie Wonder.

I am very much enamored with the aesthetics of The Reawakening of the Romantic Movement. It is an assemblage of soulful artists such as Jesse Boykins III, Mara Hruby and Moruf to name a few. Their musical-presence not reinforces the importance of Love in music and the world entirely.


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