Monday, January 9, 2012


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You're in Love? What kind of Love: true Love or cruel Love? //
With whom, Love? Who loves you, like you Love you?
See, there's true Love and there's cruel Love, but is cruel Love still true Love? // If sincere, would you see it through, Love? Please, do, Love, and do Love 'cause through Love, we grew, Love. //
Be Love and see Love as you, Love. Peace-peace, Love.

© 2011 Teffilosophy: dissipation of Love.
Side note: extremely excited to have conceived this. Scribbled it down tonight at approximately 10:10PM. It has been three and a half scores since I've written a poem, or rather, a composition of words that have come together and translated poetically. Middle school is my most recent memory, which is sorta sad, really. I even went as far to construct a coinciding rhythm for it. Actually, strange enough, the rhythm preceded the words. I feel alive; painfully alive. Like a rebirth of consciousness. I might make a video reciting it. Would you fancy that? Peace.


Zenzo said...

I absolutely enjoy your blog and wanted to let you know that.
Your writing flows well and I love to read your thoughts on life, especially the questions you pose with your philosophical posts.
Its interesting to see your growth from early on in your archives to where you are now. Very encouraging to someone like me
I've only recently started a blogger account so it is of recent that I am able to vocalise my appreciation for your blog, although I've been a reader for long time. It's surprising that not many people comment or show support (openly) on your great blog. However you continue to deliver post after post proving that you don't need approval from others.
Pardon the essay above. I just wanted to let you know that your posts and words have inspired me. Keep writing xx

teffTHEdon said...

I gracefully bow at the design of your approval. Thank you so much for reading.

I will. <3
Thank you again, Zenzo. xxo

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