Friday, February 24, 2012


I most recently vowed to return to the poetic side of things. My Love for writing has its origin in my niche for story-telling. It came to evolve and as did my work, acquiring sort of a symphonic, poetic accent, then onto journal-writing. I can write in a poetic manner, but can't seem to develop things further from then on. I usually want for a poem to be as lofty as any prose or any disposition I am capable for producing. Perhaps, it doesn't have to be that design. Perhaps, I can create my own. Who knows? But, I digress.
I started a poem titled, "Chorus of colours" yesterday which is what prompted me to title this post as such. Also, 'cause of the vividness of this orange; the mere sight of it overwhelms me greatly. It's much fun!

In case you've ever wondered, my writing-style is similar to that of a sculptor's; I gather a thick herd of words, then begin to carve at it. When the poem is close to completion, I may share it on here or save it for my book. I say "close to completion" 'cause in my eyes, art is never complete.
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Hello :)

I have posted your outfit on my blog because I like it very much. I hope it is okay for you :)

teffTHEdon said...

Thank you so very much, Love! xxo

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