Sunday, February 12, 2012


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[6-1-12] What was initially intended to be an outfit-post was thwarted by the conjunction of I and my baby-brother's impatience. For one, it was cold-as-fuck and two, I was in a hurry and last and certainly not least, I was livid. So much so that my every attempt to mask it, failed. This was the only photograph that came out remotely decent.

When I got into the city, I met up with some friends and saw the film, "The Devil Inside". I must admit I was severely disappointed. From the title alone, I expected its content to be quite frightful; I played back images of myself jumping erratically and wailing in agony, but it displeases me to say it was quite the contary. Perhaps it's because I anticipated the fear that was to be induced prior to each scene and conditioned myself accordingly. It had been my first time seeing a horror film in the cinema since "Paranormal Activity" -- now, that was scary. So frightening that my date was digging his claws into me as though it would grant him instant alleviation from the fear that overcame him. I thought it was my place--the place of the lady -- to display such hypersensitivity. Oh, well. Peace.

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