Thursday, July 19, 2012


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[3-7-12] - So, as some of you fashionably-aware bunch may know, AFW New York just took place this past week. Last year, I attended day 2 of the shows, but as guest. This year, however, I took on are more hands-on role by applying for the position of stylist/creative coordinator. For those of my readers that are unaware of the procedure, I'll provide a condensed version. As for the visuals, my position did not permit the taking of a slew of pictures of the actual set, but here are some(of the many) I took on said day.
The scheduled shows are usually preceded by what is called a "fitting" - this is where designers, stylists, event coordinators and of course, models meet and greet in an effort to create for lack of better words, the big picture. The designers, assisted by stylists, fit the models, establish who will wear what in devise an order (usually the designers have already constructed an order prior to the fitting). Excitement filled the air along with sights of myriads of African-inspired culture; garments, hairstyles and demeanor, roared the longstanding presence of African pride. I roared with African pride. Peace.


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