Sunday, September 2, 2012


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[13-8-12] - Sit tight boys and girls, it's time I tell a small tale of evolution. First of all, this outfit - this outfit right here - was nonchalantly-constructed. Then what was intended to be a mini shoot to capture a close-up texture of my natural hair, as promised, erupted into a full-on self-shoot.
See, I was out in N.C. for a family reunion earlier in August and, while there, I packed some more fall-fitting garments to bring back to New York with me being that most of my stuff is there (N.C.). Minutes following zipping up my luggage and tossing it in the trunk of my sister's car and mind you, I'm using the term, "tossing" real loosely, I realised I wasn't dressed. I scrounged through my drawers and found this H&M dress given to me by my mum back in 2010(?). She bought it back in 2005, I believe. Real 70s-like. Then, I wrapped this Krispy Kreme crew-neck sweaters given to me by my aunt during the visit about my waist, threw on my red Bubba Gump Shrimp cap and melon and orange Reeboks and created an uncanny colour colloquy.

It's safe to say I killed two birds with one stone; captured shots of my hair and pretty cool impromptu outfit. Peace.
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CAL said...

I love it!! u just inspired my outfit for tomorrow

xo, CAL

K. Cruz said...

I absolutely love your shoes and the 70's dress, great outfit!

MiKu said...

you look sooooo hot!!!! and i love zour blog so you on my blog!!!

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