Sunday, October 21, 2012


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[13-10-12] - Ah! First, I'm good. Then I'm bad. Then I'm absent. That is seemingly the inevitable cycle my blogging habits seem to have found form and comfort in as-of-late. In a sense, it's actually a good thing. I have learned that the longer I'm in NY, the more I've experienced Living on an entirely foreign octave. Hence, leaving little-to-no time for this bit of reality I've created here. Also, I have to admit it's more exciting to sit a computer and feel an overwhelming sense of, "what do I write about first???" Conversely, me being the indecisive being that I am, it actually proves to be a bit of a dilemma. There have been moments where I find myself set at the computer for the course of 10 minutes (or more), sifting through the array of memories, seeking the most exciting one. Or, perhaps, the most important or the most detailed or the most monumental. To me, that's an accomplishment. It's like I like to declare, "align personal progress to influential impact. And, if one should exceed the other, make certain it's the former."

Last Saturday's shoot with a client, set in the Bronx, Uptown is what I've gone on to grab from the memory pool. What I find most thrilling of practicing Art, is the unending desire and ability to partake in different methods and cultures and Beings and aesthetics. I got the opportunity to photograph a client, who is Muslim and most recently pledged the Hijab - a most brave and noble thing of her to do.

I and two of my friends, one of which is my assistant stylist, Zunyda and the other, Preston, a videographer. The two were present to aid in styling and capturing behind the scenes footage. (The first and third photo are by Preston and the middle, Zunyda, then edited by me). Peace.


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