Monday, January 21, 2013


Directed by - Sam Macon | Cinematographer - Travis Auclair.

A toast -- to the unending quest for quality and the brand of conscience and enlightenment it brings along. The ability to elude the evidently abundant frivolities the inter-web world has to offer and reach and grab a firm hold on a piece of work worth experiencing, indulging and sharing. To delve into minds and distinguish the difference between those with sight and, those with vision. Which brings me to one of my favourite past-times -- perusing the ever-so diverse, Love-assuring, and awe-inspiring compendium that is Vimeo's coveted "Staff Pick".

Which is what brought about my stumbling onto this fine work here by Brooklyn-based folk band, with an ambient, dark, mood-commanding, haunting flare, comprised of frontwoman, Kim Krans and husband,Jonny Ollsin. I was most captivated by the freeze frame, then eventually, the choice of concept and its translation in the visuals; it's a tasteful concoction of gleefully grim. I could not resist; it aroused that desire to embrace that which is foreign and unknown to me. I mean, upon the start of video, you're almost immediately lured in and forced to wonder what might have brought about the idea for the video. To me, it's a direct reflection of the essence Life and Love -- the overwhelming desire to seek someone who is as willing to dwell in the light, as they are in the dark; so long as that dwelling is with you. Beautiful. Peace.


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