Monday, November 11, 2013


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- [10-10-13] - I have really been toying around with the thought of doing something different with my hair for the longest. As a lot of you know, that is primarily what generated the interest with me and my blog. I grow bored quire easily, so it's important for me to keep things as new as possible in just about every facet of my Being. The problem is: I found myself doing more thinking than doing. That is, till it reached a point where I was like, "screw it!". Plus, the energy-shift in the seasons, y'know. For my natural hair, 'tis the season to protective-style. I plan to run quite rampant with the styles, so I decided to start with the oh-so reminiscent French braids. This was the go-to hairstyle when I was much younger - back in primary school [in Nigeria]; my sister would quickly put my hair up on the nights she was too tired to do something more intricate. Nostalgic, to say the least.

Sidebar: check out my latest feature on #GURL.COM along with some pretty awesome gals - GURL. Peace.
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Nakia Pleasant said...

your such an inspiration been following you for over a year i never get tired of your style. keep doing what youre doing

teff, THE don said...

That means a great deal, love.

Thank you. x

Unknown said...

lovely combination.

Jennifer Noir said...

Your style is super cool, love that jacket!

Unknown said...

This look has a very playful vibe about it. I like that.


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