Monday, November 4, 2013


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Photos by Bryan Sona

- [21-5-13] - It has undoubtedly reached that portion of the season where it begins to energy-shift between season-to-season has deepened. It brings on an air of that fills you with the incline to reminisce. Bittersweet moment, really. One of the highlights of my Summer was riding out to DC to partake in my friend, An Dukes' lookbook shoot for her online shop titled after her blog, Wine Collection. The shop is comprised of garments she has collected over the years/she does not wear anymore. It just happened to fall in with Memorial weekend and what better place to be than in the nation's capital during such a monumental holiday. I had the pleasure of taking in the sights though not as much as I would've liked(next time). DC has wonderful architecture and Georgetown was absolutely breathtaking. My only regret is that I didn't get around to trying Nando's. I have heard nothing but great reviews regarding their food. I hear there's only 8 (?) locations worldwide. Talk about exclusivity.

Anyhow, this was my first look. The gals and I had our pick-of-litter, so to speak; An basically wanted our personal styles to be projected, so as not to look unnatural or forced. I ended up buying these two pieces before leaving. Ha! I could not resist. There's also a video correspondent to this, to which I wrote a poem titled, "Beauty Is A Wine" - click here to view. Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


Sid said...

love the shorts!
but there are like 1000s of nandos' worldwide. it's only usa that has a few. in the uk and africa their very widespread. you should definitely try them out x

Kweenkayy said...

LOVE the shorts. really love your blog. check out mine ? thanks if you do take the time x.

Breakfast at Cindis said...

Adore this outfit !
love the print on the shorts.

Breakfast at Cindi’s

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