Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Broadcasting LIVE From My Toilet Seat.

Sad that this is the only chance I get to update this.
BUT, classes started and it turned out to be more hectic than anticipated. And before you begin to wonder...YES this IS one of my RANDOM posts. This is gonna serve as an intro to the entries I plan to get in on My FREE time today. I'm gonna touch basis on relationships and why they are a success/failure and movies coming out in theatre soon, the ones that I plan to see that actually look good and um yeah that's pretty much all that I can of for now. Well now that I got my randomness out for this morning, I shall bid thee adieu, to whomever this concerns. Oh &&
P.S: I shall FINALLY add a personal touch to this...... YES you guessed it, PICTURES!!!!
I know I know, I'm excited too.



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