Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Inspired by a status & a TWEET.

Before I begin, NOTE that I'm NEW to this blogging thing so FORGIVE me if this
is not up to PAR....I'll get the hang of this SOONER or LATER.

Ok so yesterday I posted a status and a tweet that read something similar to THIS --> "We're living a world where everyone is struggling to stand out from the others. I wonder to what extents this notion will take us...BUT I will say this though, do NOT lose yourself in the name of CHANGE." I can't remember what brought on that thought...maybe the FACT that I know people who are constantly aiming to do something DIFFERENT from others. Example, I know dudes that use shoe laces as a BELT, dudes are bringing back the 80s-90s haircuts (the high top fade), What they fail to realize, is the more they TRY to stand out, the more they fit in. Nowadays, everyone is aiming to be different, if it's what EVERYBODY's doing, then that just stamps it as a NORM of today.

People lose themselves by allowing so called "trends" to take over their ENTIRE image. I say if you're gonna hop on a trend, the LEAST you can do is ADD your own personal touch to it. That way it doesn't seem like you're trying to hard.

I don't get into trends, UNLESS I'm ready for it. I just don't jump into it just because EVERYbody and their mommy's doing it.

Well that's ALL I have for NOW on this
topic. I'll touch basis with it again in the near future.

Above are pictures from TODAY!
The sun was OUT woohoo!!!


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