Wednesday, August 4, 2010



It's NOT rare that you find a talent, especially nowadays, that's under(UNDER)ground, yet has more talent than the idiots that possess the spotlight in today's music. BUT, let me tell you RIGHT now, amongst a handful of people that I genuinely have invested my support, respect and love for, it's my mans Rich P .
I first became aware of Rich P's talent, I can't even remember the day but it was after I listened to:

I was hooked and recently, I posted a link to his mixtape, The Inaugration ...make sure to take a listen...
Moving on, here's an email interview I did with Rich...

-Name Julian Perkins
-Age - 21
-Moniker - Rich-P
-Inspiration - Love, peace, Harlem
-Biggest Influence - Kanye West
-Define "your" sound... - Cool, Laid Back Swagger
-Any other forms of art you love? - Pop Art, and Photography,
-Define hiphop in your opinion... - The Cool
-How long have you been pursuing music? - Started rapping at 5, pursuing at 12
-What do you hope to gain from being a musician?- Happiness, Sharing A Gift To The World
-Personal quote... - "Im No Different From You. I Just Work Harder"

Stay updated on Rich's music via twitter, @Richp213

Here are some videos as well:

YOOOO, after listening to that one freestyle,(this is my first time hearing it), I'm just about to go hard and promo the shit out of Rich's music. Artists of that caliber NEED to heard, loved, and respected. It's only right. He DESERVES to get have a hype WORLDWIDE.
As always, spread THE word.



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