Monday, September 13, 2010


Ahhh after a long hiatus of the titled feature "Write Or Die" exclusively for individuals who write well and willing to TEFFTOPIA as an outlet for their work. My homeboy, Jamal falls into the category of calm and laidback individuals that also possess a slight edge. Honestly, I wanted to sit here and conjur this great little write-up introducing my friend Jamal and all that he stands for and blah blah blah but...that'll interfere with the mood of this poem. So with that said, just READ and ENJOY.

Emotions passing as if in the wind the snow blows Colorless still

No grass seen so no envy present Only rolling white hills

Calmest is the storm before the dawn scared as the sun flees Cowers if u will

And yet colorless still

As the river fills not concerned with tomorrows sorrows Just smiles

For miles and miles just white colorless fields

Bittersweet are the bows that hang Be it the happiness it brings or the pain that remains

A trail behind is left full of hope and wisdom Like grapes from the snow

Even with the greyest of skies The lining never changes So amazing

That Through the end The hole of darkness There is still snow present

Still with no color No shape Nor defined definition

Colorblind even To intuition And As bright as the day may seem

Take time to miss the colors in between

Miss not in the sense of forgetting But gone as if omitted Overlook even if seen

Because I’ve seen colors
And I’ve embraced it’s vividness

Endured the night And faced the timidness

Yet the lack of tint Never ceases to peak intrest

It’s signifigance is much needed The warmth it brings The most important of things are visible without color


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