Thursday, January 27, 2011


Thrilla N Manila- Yung Lotta (Full Video) from Frendy Lemorin on Vimeo.


It is my great honor to present you all with the full video music video for Thrilla N Manila which is the latest banger from my good friend and Brooklyn Rapper on the rise Yung Lotta! The events that lead to this video being made is nothing short of amazing. I’ll like to give a huge shout out to the latest and vital member of my team Thuan Tran who directed and shot this video. His quick wit and relentless work ethic will definitely help further my overall scheme to be a major force in this industry... read more...

Like Frendy said, look out for future projects with him and Brooklyn bred artist on the rise. It's always refreshing to see upcoming talents work together and produce potent work. Visit to stay informed and updated on the man behind Frendy Lemorin. He embodies the kind of work ethic as well as substance that has a unique way of making you feel connected to his journey. Definitely someone I want to see succeed. The first time I visited his website was on my phone; I didn't exactly get the full experience until today. I have to admit I was in brutal awe of its content. It's so evident how much hardwork goes into all of it. Can't help but to respect it.


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