Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Some time last week, I ventured off the thrift store in search of a pair black trousers. Now, you know how you plan out a shopping trip, you know what you want, but you end up finding clothing items you've been fiending for, for the longest? Or am I the only one who rubs shoulders with such luck? Anyways, a while back, I tweeted about how much I desired a Coogi sweater annnnnnnd, guess whaaaaa? I found one, brand new, for like 3 bucks.
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Thennnnn, my fran spotted a Chicago Bulls snapback. Now I'm not certain, but I did have someone ask me if this was a playoff series snapback. If you know, then, by all means, let ME know.
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Ahhh I'm in love with it! I know most of my pictures are currently unavailable. That's a bittersweet thing. It'll be back, no worries. :D


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