Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I learned about designer pair Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimandi while flipping through my copy of Harper's Bazaar 's August 2009 issue. Wait, I am not certain of the month, but I am certain it's from 2009 and it displayed fall fashion. The beauty of this very issue of Harper's Bazaar is its ability to harbor relevant,, timeless, and captivating fashion. I've probably perused the content of that magazine and my other issues of Harper's magazines countless times. But, yeah, back to the partnership of Tommaso Aquilano and Roberto Rimandi of Gianfranco Ferre; to my knowledge, they've been a part of the House of Ferre for roughly 4 years. The following photographs contains products of their sophomore year with House of Ferre. I'm especially fond of the use of black velvet!!! Velvet is my absolute favorite fabric in the world; the texture, the appeal of it, especially in the black, forest green, maroon or burgundy. Ugh. But yeah, I digress. I'm also especially fond of the angular-detailed peaked shoulders, the use of fur (not sure if it's real or faux), the belted jackets, the ruffled necklines ( especially that one Shakespearan-blouse), etc. Their overall vision for this collection appeals to my idea of what women fashion ought to consist of: bold. I just compiled some of my favorite looks into some collages, there's more. If you're curious to see more, let Google be your aid. (:
Aren't they exceptionally amazing? I'm working hard at keeping up with their work, you should too.


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