Thursday, May 26, 2011


So yesterday, I sensed that my day would grow to be a dull bore unless I got active and did something about it. Initially, I planned to lounge around, watch TV, snack heavily and possibly blog a little. Nah, that sounded too blah. So I did a little self-shoot and also photographed the thrift/vintage finds you can find a couple of posts below. (Note the nude wedges and the turqoise-high-waist-denim-shorts mentioned in Thrift finds )Yeahhh, so I got somewhat productive. Yay me! I'm definitely about to post roughly about 17 photos of ONE post. I think that's me breaking a world record. I can't help that I'm intoxicated with the appeal of each one. Sheesh. Might post some more at a later time, who knows?

Notice the difference in contrast in the photo above?

Hit the jump.


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