Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So I can't believe I've gone through most of the year 2011 with bare nails. Yes, that's right; I have not worn nail polish since the year began. I had a feeling being home would induce temptation to just play in color. And also being consumed with idle time tends to implant ideas in one's head that wouldn't naturally dwell there. My mom has most of Revlon's pastel collection and I absolutely adore 'em! I love pastels. Their ability to be subtle, yet vibrant all at once is primarily what attracts me to 'em. I had my eye initially on lilac pastelle, but my indecissiveness led me to tangerine and jade.
Image Hosted by Imageshack.us
Image Hosted by Imageshack.us
Image Hosted by Imageshack.us
Right when I perceived and declared it was safe to photograph the outcome, I began searching for something and my nails got ruined. I'm gonna redo them. Eh. I love these colors. I have to get some for myself.


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