Tuesday, September 6, 2011


A while ago, I was out in the city, photographing whatever captured my interest. I believe it was on the same day as I took these. Shortly after taking those photographs, the photographer that accompanied the models asked to take a photo of me 'cause he like "my look" and I obliged. He gave me his e-mail and I failed to inquire about this photograph--that is-- until this mini article was brought to my attention by a compadre via Facebook.
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See, this is why I curse Facebook and the fact that it enables its users to assume whatever they name they see fit on a week-to-week basis; I'm not sure of the name of the young lady whom asked me if she could post my D.I.Y. skirt on her blog a short while ago. (As seen in this post.) I love the mini write-up for three reasons: the love, precision and acknowledgment.

Image Hosted by Imageshack.us


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