Monday, November 28, 2011


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The (MUSE)um project© --the title for my A|W photography project:a tasteful collection of my muses--an expression of the manner and degree in which each has inspired me to create. Initially launched on the first weekend of September, but due to some minor setbacks, had to be put on hold for further furnishing. I had the pleasure to go home this past week for Thanksgiving and decided this would be the perfect time to relaunch this project. I mean, what better fitting atmosphere to create than that of the city that bred and inspires me most? Y'know? I had constructed certain specifics that I wanted to be incorporated with this project, but I am in need of a team. But that's besides the point. I will re-relaunch it by next Summer.
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I relaunched this project by photographing a dear-close-friend of mine, Molly! The theme was Bohemian-grunge, location--the artistic soul of New York--SoHo. Her energy was definitely needed. To add to the anew aura surrounding the relaunching of this project, I, in a conscious mind, somehow deleted over 1000 photographs and video off of my memory card. I was livid. My blood boiled over. I felt nauseous. I thought this would never happen to me. No way! I was too careful, but apparently, every creative falls victim to the universe's desire to play hide-n-seek.
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Right when I was in the midst of my ire-filled-rant, I was approached by Awol; fellow photographer, whom was enthralled by the appeal of my multicolored Coogi sweater and felt compelled to capture it. I clenched my teeth in an attempt not to surrender to impulse and lash out at him for interrupting me, but he was cool. Lol. He does great work too. Anyways, enough talk. Enjoy the teasers and click here or here. to see the rest. I made a photo-diary too. Will post it soon! xx.


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