Thursday, December 8, 2011


[December 8th, 2011] 'Tis the age of the expressionist. Never will I shy away from lending power to my passion(s). For if I live for it, it shall in turn, live for me. I create not for an audience; the self suffices. I create to nurture my insanity. I create because amongst many things, art is compelling.
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I am a bloody riot
So,t's been quite a while since I've had pictures of my outfits taken by someone else other than myself. There have been plenty factors to blame. Today, for instance, I wanted to wear boots, but I realized I have am incredibly long day ahead of me; comfort must be established and indulged in. Though I was fortunate enough to have the photos I thought I lost recovered (as aforementioned), some of them did suffer minor to severe damage. I must admit, that discouraged me a bit. In addition to that, the term is coming to a close and it's crunch-time. I'm actually working on a paper right now and I am embarrassed to admit that my words are more fluid on here than they are on my paper. Here I am--an individual who is enthralled by the art of writing--I write essays for fun, but when presented with a writing assignment, my thoughts come to a complete stand-still. I was able to knock out an introduction. That's usually the most difficult aspect of writing a paper--the introduction.
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