Friday, December 16, 2011


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I have accumulated some notable interviews with some online publications; namely blogs and online-magazines. However, my schedule has not permitted much time to share the features with my readers, nor memory permit me to recollect URL names and so on. I am always enthralled by those who take in me, what I do and what I stand for. My most favorite feature being on Texas-based online magazine, Fetch Edge magazine's issue III; click here to read my write-up.
I was also featured on Barbados-based style blog, Black Girl Killing It; click here to read the interview. Lastly, as memory permits, I was featured on an Italy-based Focused on People magazine . I have no idea what the write-up says, but I'm most certain it's beautiful. There's undeniably more, but the purpose of this post is to further express my gratitude. I seldom ask for support, so to those who give it—minimally and plentifully—in my absence and in my presence—my appreciation for you goes beyond the power of words. Peace.


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