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My generation constitutes of individuals who lack, amongst many things, an active spirit of discernment. This fault is evident in nearly every facet of its(my generation) character and conduct, namely fashion. In light of the heightened indulgence in social-media seen this day and age, as well as the fact society is partly centered on the existence of blogs and its authors, I've employed my capacity to observe and aim to briefly explain what I have gathered shortly. First, contrary to popular belief, I am not as enticed or consumed with fashion as most would and--as I am sure--have perceived as it may seem. My concern mostly lies with creating proportion, expression of self-realization and overall appeal.
As the title states: the fashion trifecta--which I constructed after taking into consideration the various forms of self-expression present in the fashion-world. Most people have, seemingly, unwittingly succeeded in overlooking; it is constituted of what most know as "the fashionista" and terms that I have coined as "the stylista" and "the trendista". I'll provide a brief definition and use some well-known bloggers as examples.
The fashionista/-o: defined as an individual who is conscious of the art of fashion and passionately, as well actively expresses it through acquiring intelligence on designer names and textile-knowledge alike.
Example: this is difficult given that most would characterize themselves with this title, are often the complete opposite. This facet of the fashion-trifecta causes me much distaste. As much as I admire one's passion, for anything as moving as the art of fashion and style, moderation is key. An example can be any individual seen wearing designer brands from head-to-toe. They are often defined by the names they wear, rather than the substance they hold. This individual may announce the name of the designer he or she is sporting prior to announcing theirs. None are more fond of a false sense of pride and a starved sense of freedom like most fashion-folks.

The stylista/-o: defined as an individual who is in possession of a sense of style, carved out of extensive self-knowledge. May employ both current and old-school perceptions of fashion and style on a day-to-day basis. All-in-all, one whose confidence radiates inward-outward.
Example: Karla from, Anjelica from and Raez of are brilliant examples. These three women do an effortlessly elegant job at employing both personal taste and "what's in" in their daily wardrobe. This facet of the fashion-trifecta is my most favorite in that highlights the individual more than it does the brand they're clothed in.

The trendista/-o: defined as an individual who abides by the current structure of fashion and style. Mostly willing to sport all that is within fashion's standards at the current time. In a sense, closed-minded and lacking in self-knowledge. This individual's presence in the fashion pool perpetuates the appearance of a lack of distinction in the style of most. A character synonymous the copy-and-paste concept. Extensive observation has led me to conclude that Tumblr is crawling with this lot.
Example: any female seen wearing destroyed denim, a pair of Jeffrey Campbell and a boyfriend-blazer. Conversely, any male seen sporting Jordans, a SnapBack and one of the well-known urban-brands. This individual may also be seen sporting cross pendant, galaxy-inspired-prints and anything else that contributes to the try-hard appeal of the new-age Hipster.

So now that you, the reader, are equipped with this knowledge, I hope that you'll apply it in matters of discerning.

I like to believe I'm a harmonious blend of all three; with the stylista in me illuminating the most.


Jen said...

LOVED this post, you always hit the nail on the head.

J x


Thank you for this post! for i have, for to long now felt alone in the above thoughts- ''individuals who lack, amongst many things, an active spirit of discernment. '' - society does a bloody good job at brainwashing lol!
I'm totally not into the fashionista/-o part of the so called fashion industry.
To be honest i'm not a fan of what most will call fashion but i'd never disrespect anyones personal style because the outfits i choose to wear, expresses a cry for freedom, all i want to be is free from the constant programming in this world! but i often ponder are all our thoughts are own?

great post

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