Monday, January 16, 2012


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I am beyond late on posting these photos, but I fell into one of those moments where dwelling in life's victories was necessary. I suppose it was the video below titled, "Influencers" that inspired the thought that I, too, partook in something that rested upon a similar premise. Generation X: The Prelude, organized by Alexandra Williams and filmed by Felix took place in the Summer. Undeniably one of the highlights of my Summer. Being in the midst of my peers, relishing in our uniform sense of purpose breathed new air into my lungs. The whole experience reinforced the notion that success is inevitable when surrounded by like-minded mates. The participating individuals were of different facets of art, ranging from DJs to photographers to graphic designers to bakers. Persons like Ricci Steez (graphic designer), Lavan Wright of urban-street brand, Kreemo, phenomenal Brooklyn-bred emcee, L.A. and many more. Click here to learn more.

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Lavan Wright of Kreemo.

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Ricci Steez
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Lafayette Bless of LaBadass.


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