Thursday, January 12, 2012


Directed & filmed by: Paul R. and Davis J. of R + I Creative.

Encompassed in this short documentary, are the ideals that have been lurking in the crevices of my mind in the past months. Everything I believe, was finely articulated by the participating individuals.

Towards the end, I don't recall whom, but someone stated his anticipation for the icons of this current era; I am a bit torn by that statement. The ability of creativity to be contagious has its pros and cons, especially in today's present society. The convenience of the internet, unfortunately, permits for originators to get lost in the midst of those who admire their conduct and makings so much, they covet it. Speaking for myself and for a few colleagues of mine, whom have fallen victim to plagiarism and blatant identity-theft, it's a pain that is absolutely indescribable. To know the emotions evoked and provoked that goes into the creative-process, conceive your work, only to have it taken it from with no regard. It's almost synonymous to being in the position of a parent whom had their child abducted or worse, killed.

In today's society, I see the youth passionately proclaim their Love for art and artists, yet fail to give due credit. How are we to determine the trail-blazers when does who trail, are a step too close? How are we to anticipate the resurrection of originality if every time it rises, we stomp it back down? How are artists to flourish if pilfers in all their greed and insensitivity are constantly standing in the way? Creative minds are the anchors of society and to cripple them, is to ail society. I mean, I look at my words and I am instantly transported to the moment that inspired 'em; to thieve my words, is to thieve those moments. If you have someone, whom you adore, respect and idolize, pilfering their work is not at all a respectable way to show your appreciation.


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