Wednesday, February 15, 2012


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Photo by: Andre of AbstractElements.

Joshua Kissi: From the early stages our website has always reflected on a historical context, and I think in the digital age due to everything happening in such realtime we sometimes forget which moments would be classified as something worth noting. I think this is a topic most guys stray away from, or wouldn’t want to lose their pretense masculinity pondering too much about. Besides receiving quite a few emails daily questioning our grooming techniques we decided to organize a shoot, with a few familiar faces and some new ones. How important is ones hair to their personal expression and style? I feel there’s no need to reiterate the answer to that question after viewing...more

Joshua Kissi of StreetEtiquette partners up with Andre of AbstractElements. to create a most extinguished editorial titled, Crowned. Crowned - placing emphasis on the significance of a hair-do and its history, namely that of African origin.

Speaking as one who has grown into the fondness and advocacy for individuals whom embrace and flaunt naturality, and as a proud being of African descent, I commend the underlying message behind this project immensely.


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