Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Directed by: Aaronisnotcool.

I learned of Brooklyn-bred artist, Sene. a short while ago and already, I have grown captivated. I entertained the thought of reaching out via e-mail to learn as much I could, but no; I wanted to share the wealth of knowledge and I wanted to do so now -- as soon as humanly possible. However, I did take it upon myself to search the web and gather intelligence on him. Overflown with excitement, I was, to learn he's thrice the talent, being comprised of rapping, musical-producing and acting talents. "He is a solo artist, as well as the front man to the fusion group, Recess."

Though I went on to explore his music further, I decided to go with the song and visual that captured my initial interest. I immersed into "Exit, us". Which I believe to be a play on the word, "exodus" - as in the terminology that depicts the Israelites' egress from Egypt.
I am not fond of comparing artists considering that first and foremost, artists assert their individualism most strongly through their various means of expression. In other words, they are individuals first, artists second. However, I must say that, to me, his flow is a bit reminiscent of the early works of Kanye West. I love that he has substance. I am definitely enticed by his play on words, flow as well as delivery. Sene seems like an artist I can grow to appreciate more and more as time lapses. Like, Kendrick Lamar. And, that's saying a lot.

The fact that this video was directed by one of my favourite visual artists, Aaron,certainly tops the cake. Each hyperlink is different; click and learn about Sene. Peace.


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