Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Spring-break this year, I sought thrill in the realms of the state of Georgia , namely the city of Atlanta. Being that each time I've visited, some problem of whatever sort arises; it's either I get sick, my skin breaks out in rashes; my body seems to react negatively. Not only that, the purpose of my previous visits were for the sake of accompanying my sister, seldom for self-enjoyment or to vacate nor escape. It had never been my visit; I was not at liberty to operate on my time, at mt own pace, at me own will, so it was seldom fulfilling. Also, my stay usually never extended for more than a weekend, but not this time around. This time, I made certain I nurtured the up-keep of my health and exercised caution and precaution in all things. Of course, I couldn't shake off this treacherous cough that has ailed me for over a month. I came to learn it was whooping-cough. HA! Funny, I know.

Anyways, for my stay, I planned to immerse myself in whatever ATL had to offer in a week's time, but what was the end-result of my trip? Lots of thrift-shopping, walked around downtown, visited Little Five, spent more time with my twin, tried some cakes at Cafe Intermezzo (B52 is Heaven-like; I recommend it), smoked Hookah for the first time, had a photo shoot (Which went super well!), sleep-overs, did a bit of clubbing and so on. All was not lost, though; I got to see more of Atlanta and it pleases me to admit my vacation was worthwhile.

Most of these pictures were taken with an iPhone4; I wasn't in the mood to haul Fiona (my camera)around, you see.
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I should've purchased this wicked Nautica jacket. Click here to see the rest. xxo


MiKu said...

how you doin?
you are sooo gorgeous...I put some pics of you on my blog.When I love some of my favorite fashion and individual blogs I show them on my blog...
when you want look at it...


Lydia said...

really cool pictures x

teffTHEdon said...

Thank you, Miku and Lydia!


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