Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us I am a self-serving Artist. I am a Servant to myself and to my Art alone. I do not create for You; I create so that I may Be and breathe, and do so, easily.

My quest is self-fulfillment. I must maintain allegiance with the Self as well my as Artistic integrity. I will not lend my allegiance to an audience knowing that the consequence is an inevitable loss of a sense of self. I must remain diligent in my pursuit. I mustn't allow my quest be derailed by nonsensical frivolities. I must remain open to all that makes me feel Love and whole and engaged and focused. This is something like a manifesto - The Expressionist's Manifesto, if you will. Too often, I have observed and experienced the crowd's hunger; their unending ability to remain dissatisfied. I have concluded that happiness is derived from selfish acts. Even the selfless are selfish. Selfless acts are often an extension of one's selfishness. To desire good fortune for others so that you, too, may equally be granted the same Peace is selfish. It is not a terrible thing to be selfish, no. It's all in the manner in which you go about it, however. Does this philosophy bring you terror? Good. Terror incites fear and often you will that fear is as great a motivator as Love. But it must first be manipulated. Be slow to speak, be quick to think. Peace.


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