Monday, June 18, 2012


Image Hosted by It's been a bit too long since I last listened to an Artist whose music filled me with an overwhelming need to run about, declaring whomever's greatness to any ready and willing Being. Well, not since King Kendrick. See, I had taken a self-designed vow to remain somewhere between partially, to entirely detached from what mass media has to offer. At least, long enough to sift out what matters (to me) and what doesn't. Which is a bit ironic and paradoxical in nature, come to think of it, considering my titles and position and all. I enjoy social/mass media, however, it has its Demons. But I digress. I, like most, I'm sure, have relied on my very own roaring and overflowing Love for music to orchestrate my search for that which suits me. Musically, of course. But this had not entirely been the case in finding Joey Bada$$'s debut solo tape, "1999". Oddly enough, I learned of this thriving, Brooklyn-bred Hip-Hop Artist via the visual for "Hardknock" on MTV Jams. It - the video - to me - stood in great disparity to the new, yet poorly designed mold of today's music that is often seen on most large media platforms. And, for MTV to publicise it, amplified my excitement threefolds. Upon the start of the tape, I was immediately transformed. Not only is his aesthetic raw and entirely engulfed by the thought-evoking essence of 80s-90s Hip-Hop, he is just as young as my baby-brother. Meaning, he was born in 1995 - he's still in High-school - and possesses talent that can easily be aligned with the same league as the Legends who came prior - paved the way, if you will. A Tribe Called Quest, Talib Kweli, Rakim, MF Doom and EPMD comes to mind almost immediately. I am fond of comparison; just because Artists are of different calibers, doesn't mean they deserve something as dismal as comparison, so do not think the preceding statement a comparison. I thoroughly enjoy Joey Bada$$ as an Artist and I urge you lots to give it a listen - perfect tune for the summer, too. Peace.


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