Saturday, July 21, 2012


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[16-7-12] - There's something wildly captivating about the colour, orange. Perhaps it lies in its blend between the creative energy of yellow and passionate vibrancy in the color, red. Or in the way wearing it amplifies the gleaming, gold undertone in my skin.

There is also something incredibly appealing about a photograph, set in the city. I Love the appeal of people wandering about, heading to somewhere or nowhere at all, the myriad of lifestyles, blending in the create an intoxicating vibrancy, the colours and so on. However, the sour bit about that is: they tend to stare. Ha! And, what makes matters worse is I now shoot manually - manual lens, manual settings, so when my camera is in the hands of a novice, it takes rather...long.All-in-all, a great, productive, fun-filled day spent with my sister, Sally and my cousin, Lotanna (that's a Nigerian name, in case you were wondering)! I The longer it takes, the more eyes gather and gaze. In other news, finally got some Jamba Juice! My favourite smoothie is the "power pineapple" - try it sometime. Peace.
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