Saturday, July 21, 2012


VA-bred, rising Hip-Hop Artist, Locke Kaushal earned my allegiance almost immediately upon being charmed by his performance last year, opening for Dom Kennedy and Big K.R.I.T. at N.C A&T's Aggie Fest. I met him shortly after the show, expressed to him how pleased I was to make his acquaintance and commended him on giving his heart on stage. In an effort to deepen my knowledge on his music, I anxiously got on the computer and began searching. To my pleasure, I heard his H.A.M. Freestyle and Rich Man Begging and I was sold. I publicly lent my allegiance to him via Twitter; told him he'd gained a believer. It pleases me to admit that nearly over a year later, I still hold similar sentiments. Having heard some of his latest tracks titled, "let there be" and "Oxford 64" and observed the growth, I grew excited - yearned to hear more. And, as a Lover of music, you crave that feeling, anticipate it often; it's partly what keeps the passion alive. You understand? Peace.


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