Sunday, July 8, 2012


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[8-7-12] - Ever since its first introduction back in 2009, I have been an avid viewer of H&M's seasonal catalogues. Initially, I thought of neat and brilliant of the ever-evolving retail powerhouse and over time, grew to enjoy its content more and more. It definitely helps that the copies are distributed via H&M stores for free. Simply grab a copy and indulge. I particularly love it because it provides insight on what H&M has to offer in stores worldwide being that, to my observation, their merchandise varies region to region, depending on the preference of its demographics. Stores in Europe, I've noticed, tend to have much more items that appeal to my sense of style. Ah! I must admit I deeply desire to vacate to Europe (again) and see and experience the stylistic-climate. If you haven't already, visit the nearest H&M store and pick up a copy. This is definitely one of their best editions to date next to Spring 2011. The colours - just...sublime. I snapped some quick shots of some of my favourite looks. Peace. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by Image Hosted by


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